Create An Impact:


Present Impact to businesses, schools, and churches in your area to gain their support, or simply schedule a time for an Impact representative to make a presentation to your organization.


Send a tax-deductible contribution or purchase items for a kit to be assembled by volunteers. You can designate the charity of your choice as recipient.


Serve as a volunteer to purchase materials and collate kits for those who have made financial contributions.


Volunteer to provide transportation of materials and collate kits for those who make financial contributions.

Create Impact With Your Organization!

Impact enables effective service by connecting needs with resources. Through this program, you have the opportunity to love and serve your neighbors by helping service providers deliver the essentials of everyday living. You are able to not only impact the lives of those you serve, but also your own!

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You can also reach us by calling (724) 772-5640 or by emailing

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