About Us

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Impact initiative. Impact is a program designed to educate and equip charitable minded individuals and organization to truly make a difference in their local community. Too often, well-intentioned persons drop off a truckload of “stuff” to a local homeless shelter – old personal items that should be sold at a flea market. They do not understand that over half of such donations cannot be used, nor do crisis centers have the time and resources to sift through items to determine what can be salvaged and utilized by their clients. As a result, many shelter programs now turn away such “donations”.

In the meantime, shelters are still burdened with meeting clients’ “basic daily needs”; so much so, that they spend more time on meeting basic needs, than they do transitioning homeless and poverty stricken citizens back into self-sufficient living. Impact was created to make a difference by showing kind hearted individuals exactly what shelter clients need, and how to donate those items in an efficient and consistent manner. This initiative was developed in collaboration with leaders from Light of Life Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army, to help crisis intervention agencies meet basic needs, so they can focus more time and resources getting homeless citizens off the street and into permanent housing.

This program is especially beautiful because anyone anywhere can access the Impact kit information and apply this method of stewardship of charitable resources in their own community. All Impact tools are available for free here on our website.