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Create Your Impact





Thousands of lives have already been touched by the Create-Impact initiative of Mission Vision, Inc.

Create Impact in your community!

Create-Impact is proud to be a division of Mission Vision Inc.

Whether in Pittsburgh, PA or in your own home town, many people have fallen on hard times and need help with the basic necessities of living. Given the ongoing climate of financial hardship and insecurity for many families, it is imperative for charitable organizations to focus their limited resources to alleviate conditions among our poor and under privileged neighbors.

Impact can be utilized by any mission-minded individual, group, or organization, and we invite you to consider adopting this effective stewardship approach with your ministry’s resources. Please contact us if you need help developing an Impact initiative for your organization. To reach Mission Vision call (724) 553-3114, or email info@mission-vision.org.

Please join us in an effort to Create-Impact in your community!

By registering on our website, you will have access to everything you need to establish an Impact program for your organization, including marketing materials, brochures, a detailed list of needs-based kits, packaging labels, and a list of facilities that would greatly benefit from you Impact project.

If you are interested in having a Mission Vision representative speak to your group about how to establish an Impact program, please call (724) 553-3114 or email info@mission-vision.org to schedule a presentation.